Goongerah and district climate refugees support and rebuild

This page is for material aid, donations, practical and emotional support for the residents and climate refugees of Goongerah and districts, in the short term, and eventually to rebuild the town. We hope it will also be a source of information.

We know lots of people know and love Goongerah and want to help. This is our way of making it happen. With such a small and isolated community, we cannot afford to lose more people, and those people need support.

A Catastrophe caused by Climate Change

We know that these fires are a result of the climate emergency.  Yes, Australia is a fire-country, and yes there have always been fires.  But not like these fires. This is unprecedented and needs a climate emergency response. Our response is to strengthen the community, and fight for our planet, our community and ourselves.

We are deliberately using the term “climate refugees” for the people who have had to evacuate, some of who have now lost their homes, and are unable to return. This is not an attempt to diminish the needs of other refugees, or pretending to be hard up. Its an attempt to name the reality of our present, and of the future. 

Goongerah's CFA crew getting ready to fight the 2014 blaze

Latest news

The Bonang Road is now open for residents only.  People who evacuated are beginning to return.  The people who stayed have been managing with no power, no phones and limited outside communication since 29 December.  Big big thanks to everyone who donated supplies – they have been trickling in, and are much appreciated!

There’s a lot to do to clean up, rebuild and recover.  Keep an eye on events page for opportunities to help, or email if you have time or skills to offer.  

The damage to the forest is still being assessed.  Wildlife is being fed with donated food in Goongerah and other parts of East Gippsland.  Check Friends of the Earth for ways to get involved.